Recruitment for Police Constables and Special Constables

We are now recruiting for Police Constables and Special Constables! 

We can offer you a rewarding career which is challenging and demanding as Police work is truly unique.  When officers go out on patrol they never know what incidents they may be called to resolve and they deal with people from all walks of life in many different situations.  We will provide you with a variety of experiences you are unlikely to find elsewhere, all of which require a range of personal skills such as patience, courage, flexibility, understanding and the ability to think and act quickly.  We need people who are prepared to work really hard serving their local community and helping to keep them safe.  

Our work is extremely varied and includes dealing with matters such as road traffic collisions, disturbances, public order incidents, handling complaints, apprehending and interviewing suspects, investigating crime, obtaining statements from witnesses and checking the security of premises.  We also deal with large public events like sports meetings and shows. Further information on a Career in the Isle of Man Constabulary is available in this document.  It contains details about the recruitment process, training, prospects and pay and conditions.  If you decide to apply, take the time to consider this information carefully and present your application and details in the manner specified.  The role profile for a Trainee Police Constable is available within this document and for a Special Constable available within this document

This recruitment campaign opens on Wednesday 18 May and closes at 4pm on Monday 20 June 2022.  

Clicking the green button below will take you to the application form,  however any questions can be asked at

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