Firearms licensing

The Firearms Licensing Department of the Isle of Man Constabulary is responsible for all firearms licensing matters, including the vetting of applications, issue of certificates, and enforcement of firearms legislation.

The department consists of 1 full time police officer and 2 part time support staff. It is based at:

Firearms Licensing Department
Department of Home Affairs
Tromode Road
Isle of Man

Telephone: +44 1624 631378 or 631402 or 631379

Email:  Send Email 

Constable Carl Woods is the police officer responsible for overseeing the running of the Firearms Licensing Department. As one of the Constabulary’s Police Firearms Instructors he also performs other roles such as firearms training and the duties of the Force Armourer.

Heather Costain is the firearms senior secretary. Heather is responsible for all firearms administration, including the vetting of all applicants, the production and delivery of approved certificates and is responsible for the management of all databases and records.

Dave Wood is a retired police officer with many years of firearms experience. Dave is responsible for processing applications and carrying out the necessary technical enquiries, such as the assessment of appropriate security measures and the checking of shooting permissions and land for safety.

For further information contact the secretary, telephone: +44 1624 631402.