Chief's Constable Annual Report 2022-2023


The Isle of Man is safer than anywhere in the UK. 

Crime severity on the Isle of Man has steadily increased over the past 3 years, yet the Island remains the safest place in the British Isles, when compared to all 43 Police Force Areas of England and Wales. The Isle of Man has a crime severity rate over 60% lower than the lowest in England and Wales. 

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2022-2023 All charts and tables

2022-2023 in figures

2,862 recorded crimes

14,740 calls for action

1,877 people arrested of whom 240 were juveniles

503 digital examinations conducted

141 search warrants recorded

Over £1,900,000 drugs seized

Over £105,000 paid in fines

Increase in crime

Increase of 7% in crime

Increase of 14% in mental health incidents

Increase of 21% in theft and kindred offences (581 count)

Increase of 1% in offences against the person (658 count)

Increase of 16% in fraud offences (71 count)

Increase of 12% in offences against property (559 count)

Increase of 7% in offences relating to police (67 count)

Decrease in crime

Decrease of 2% in road traffic collisions

Decrease of 2% in domestic incidents

Decrease of 12% in public order offences (187 count)

Decrease of 4% in sexual offences (91 count)

Decrease of 9% in drug offences (480 count)

Decrease of 14% in offensive weapons (36 count)