How we use your data (children's notice)

Children’s Privacy Notices

Everyone has the right to know what the Isle of Man Constabulary (Constabulary) does with information about them. This type of information is called personal data. This document sets out how Constabulary uses personal data. 

Constabulary have to obey the law and there is a law which sets down rules for us about using people’s personal data called the Data Protection Law. The Chief Constable of the Constabulary is responsible for making sure the Constabulary obey this law.

1.    What is personal data? 

The Constabulary will process lots of different types of personal data, this includes, names, date of birth, address, your race, family and lifestyle information, education, your religious beliefs, details of any crime you have or may have committed, your health and your finances. This information may be kept, by Constabulary, on a computer or in paper format. 

2.    Why do the Constabulary process personal data? 

It is the Constabulary’s job to prevent and solve crimes. Therefore Constabulary may sometimes need to use your personal data for our policing purposes and to support how we do our job. We also need to keep personal data about the staff who work for us, for example, the names of police officers that solve crimes. 

3.    How do the Constabulary process personal data? 

The Constabulary will only use personal data if it is lawful to do so. We will not use more data than we need to, or keep it longer than we need to. We also take measures to ensure that we keep this data safe. The Constabulary have written many documents which tell us what to do with your personal data to make sure we do not break the law. 

4.    Whose personal data do we handle? 

The Constabulary may process personal data relating to a wide variety of people, some examples are:

  • Victims and witnesses,
  • People who have committed crimes,
  • Family members,
  • Our staff,
  • Members of the public 

5.    Where does the information come from? 

The Constabulary may obtain personal data from many places, some examples are:

  • People themselves,
  • Employees of the Constabulary,
  • Relatives,
  • Other emergency services,
  • Media,
  • Prisons,
  • Courts and solicitors 

6.    Who do the Constabulary share personal information with? 

The Constabulary may have to share information with other organisations to make sure that they carry out their job properly. If Constabulary have information that they need to share to keep a person or people safe, or to stop a crime from happening, they will. If this information is to be shared somewhere where the law is different than in Europe they will make sure they do so only if they know that the data is safe. 

7.    Can people see what personal data, of theirs, that the Constabulary have? 

Yes, people can make what is called a subject access request to Constabulary. This is where they ask to have a copy of some, or all, of the information that Constabulary hold about them. Before the Constabulary can provide someone with information we need to be sure that the person is who they say they are; therefore, people will be asked for ID. The Constabulary will try to answer people’s queries within a month; however, it may take longer if there is a lot of information to look through. 

8.    Can people change how the Constabulary handle their data? 

Yes, people have a number of rights when it comes to their personal data. These rights will change depending on the reasons Constabulary hold the data.

People can ask for the Constabulary to fix information that is wrong and the Constabulary will do so. 

People can also ask the Constabulary to delete or stop using their personal data. Constabulary will investigate how they use the data and if they are allowed to keep using it in this way, in line with the law, they will keep using it. 

People can also ask the Constabulary not to make decisions about them by only using a computer system and can ask that a human being looks at the information. 

Before the Constabulary can look at someone’s information we need to be sure that the person is who they say they are. Therefore people will be asked for ID. The Constabulary will try to answer people’s queries within a month; however, it may take longer if there is a lot of information to look through. 

9.    What age do I need to be to ask Constabulary to give me information or change or delete my information? 

Constabulary will consider each request individually. If you are able to understand your rights and write to us it is likely that we will deal with your request. Sometimes however we may need to seek your parent or guardians permission to do what you have asked us to do. If you are 13 you can use this right on your own. 

10.  Monitoring 

Constabulary may monitor or record and retain telephone calls, texts, emails and other electronic communications to and from the Service in order to discourage, prevent and detect inappropriate behaviour or crime. 

11.  Contact Us 

If you would like to exercise any of the information discussed in this document, you can do so by contacting the following department. You may wish to discuss this with your parents or guardian before you contact the Constabulary. 

Corporate Information 

Isle of Man Constabulary 

Information Security, Data Protection Officer, (Vetting Processing) and Management of Police Information. 

Isle of Man Constabulary
Police Administration Centre
Department of Home Affairs Headquarters
Tromode Road
IM2 5PA 

Tel: 01624-631410 direct dial.

Switchboard: 01624-631212. 

The Constabulary have a designated Data Protection Officer. This person will help to ensure that the Constabulary follow the law when using personal data. Anybody with concerns over the way the Constabulary handles their personal data may contact our Data Protection Officer at the address above or 

The way Constabulary use personal data is checked by an organisation called the Information Commissioner. If you remain unhappy about how the Constabulary are processing your personal data you can contact them. The address is below: 

Isle of Man Information Commissioner
P.O. Box 69
Isle of Man
IM99 1EQ  

Telephone: +44 1624 693260