Firearms and regulated weapons certificate

All applications for new or renewal firearms or regulated weapon certificates may take up to 12 weeks to process. This includes variations. Please be advised this lead time should be taken into account when applying for certificates.

Firearm certificates

These are required for all cartridge rifles and pistols, muzzle loading (black powder) guns and pistols, air rifles with power in excess of 12 ft.lbs/16.3joules, air pistols with power in excess of 6 ft.lbs/8.15joules, and self-loading and pump action shotguns with a magazine capacity in excess of 2 rounds, shotguns with a barrel length of less that 24 inches and sound moderators. 

Description  Cost
Grant of Firearms Certificate £75
Renewal or variation £65
Replacement (where lost/destroyed) £65
Visitor's permit (white single A4 form) free
Black powder (dangerous goods) licence £30 

Regulated Weapon Certificates

These are required for all shotguns, except those mentioned above, all air weapons below the power levels stated above and all crossbows with a draw weight over 1.4kg. See also Regulated Weapons explanatory notes.

The Regulated Weapons in Possession form is for Regulated Weapon Certificate holders to keep a list of the guns they possess and it is a legal requirement for them to do so. It is also advisable to send a copy of the list to the Police Firearms Licensing Department as, in the event of guns being lost or stolen, the police can readily identify your guns if and when they are located.

Please note, it is a criminal offence to possess or to acquire a firearm or regulated weapon without holding a valid certificate or other lawful authority.

Licences issued in the Isle of Man are not valid in the UK or other countries.

When travelling to the UK or abroad Visitor's Firearms Permits must be obtained from the destination country and, if travelling through the UK to another country, from the UK as well. This also applies to holders of Firearms Dealer's Licences. These permits may take several weeks to obtain. Other useful information can be obtained from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Limited, see link.

Description Cost 

Grant/renewal Regulated Weapon Certifcate
(where no firearm certificate is held by applicant)


Grant/renewal Regulated Weapon Certifcate
(where applicant is already holder of firearms certificate)


Replacement (where lost/destroyed) £25
Visitor's permit (yellow form) £12

Please note that it is a condition of all gun licences for the holder to notify the licensing authority of any change of address without undue delay. Any certificate holder who has changed their address and not yet notified the Firearms Licensing Department, should do so immediately.